Salt / Sodium the hooded claw for Heart FailurePatients part 6

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A bagel might not taste particularly salty, but one bagel can contain 500-700 milligrams of sodium, depending on the
size and flavor, while one piece of whole-wheat pita bread has 340 milligrams of sodium. Baked goods made with white flour aren’t necessarily worse than those made with whole wheat; one slice of whole-wheat bread contains 132 milligrams of  sodium, and a sandwich doubles that. Sweet baked goods can be loaded with hidden salt. One doughnut contains close to 300 milligrams of sodium, and a blueberry muffin is close behind at 250 milligrams. But an even bigger surprise lurks in baking mixes: One box of self-rising cornmeal contains a startling 1,860 milligrams of sodium, or 440 milligrams per one 3-tablespoon serving; a single muffin made from a mix has 400 milligrams of sodium; and one slice of cake made from a mix has 220 milligrams of sodium.
Use this convertor as a way of calculating sodium numbers to salt numbers –
To convert sodium to salt, multiply the sodium figure in milligrams (mg) by 2.5  and then divide by 1,000.
So for example 200mg of sodium
200mg x 2.5 = 500mg salt …  then divided by 1,000 =   0.5 grams salt
So 200mg of sodium equates to 500milligrams or 0.5 grams of  salt
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