Salt / Sodium the hooded claw for Heart Failure Patients

Hi my name is Chloe I am going to talk to you about the “hooded claw” of the food world for Heart Failure Patients. Over the next week or so you will find information that is crucial to managing salt intake for Heart Failure patients.

Chloe, Heart Heroine for the Pumping Marvellous
Reducing salt intake for Heart Failure Patients


After a diagnosis of heart failure, “reduce salt intake” is one of the first pieces of advice doctors offer. Sodium / Salt  contributes to fluid retention, and too much sodium/ salt is one of the most common triggers for an onset of symptoms as it promotes fluid retention. For this reason, doctors recommend that those with heart failure limit salt intake to 1,500 to 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day.
But how do you do that I here you asking yourself? Start by following recommendations for managing diet for heart failure. Putting away the salt shaker helps, as does learning to cook with other flavors, such as garlic, citrus, and herbs. You only add salt to your food because that is what you have always done. However, many people find it’s much harder than they expected to reduce sodium / salt intake, and the culprit is often hidden salt. Over the next week or so I will be listing with the help of The Fantastic Five, Pumping Marvellous Heart Heroes, some of the common unseen traps for unaware Heart Failure sufferers, just ready to pounce off the supermarket shelves and into to your trolley or basket.
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