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Salts for the road

Thats what we think at Pumping Marvellous anyway. We were pleased to see that the drive by Greater Manchester campaign ASK influenced Stockport Council to try to get local fish and chip shops to remove the salt from the counter and from temptation of their customers by putting the salt under the counter and then the customer would have to request it. In our opinion the Express and Mail are really quite wrong in trying to create a stir about about Britains favourite dish, apart from the Curry and that could do with a lesson in salt reduction as well!

Everybody knows that too much salt is bad for you and for Heart Failure patients the level is reduced from the recommended 6g to 2g – you try to grab anything from a supermarket sandwich shelf with less than 1.5g of salt which equates to 75% of the recommended Heart Failure patients intake a day and the papers are going on about a “nanny state”  quiet irresponsible. Read the article here and here and hopefully you will realise that salt is just for roads.

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