So you want to help Heart Failure Patients. OK so there are various ways you can do this and every donation however large or small makes a difference. Below you will find a list of how to get involved and thank you very much for your support. Please be as specific as possible if you send us requests but we will reply to all.

I just want to donate money to Pumping Marvellous –

Donate JustGiving

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


I want to fundraise for Pumping Marvellous –

Take these steps to successful fundraising

Step 1

Ok this is fantastic however make sure that whatever you do needs to suit you as a person, don’t overstretch yourself. You need to make sure you enjoy yourself and others around you do as well. You will achieve your goals if you do

Step 2

Create your fundraising page with JustGiving – Create your page

Once you have created your fundraising page this will enable you to point all your sponsors and followers so they can pay there donation securely either by Text Giving or by online credit / debit card payment. This is secure, keeps track of your donations against your target and you can use social media to promote it as well.

Step 3 

Contact us for your official sponsorship forms which will be sent to you via email. There will be an unique event number in the email. This is your number and only relates to you and your event.

Step 4

Decide how you would like us to support you. Have a look at our fundraiser page. Pick your items and quantities and email us using the contact form with your address and unique event ID.

Step 5

Now it’s the time to plan and prepare your event. The better you plan the better the chance it will succeed and the better you will enjoy it.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure your event complies with all legal and healthy safety standards

Use this checklist to help you

You and the law

You and safety

Use our checklist

What to consider about an event

Step 6

Engage with us and tell us what you are doing. We will do the following –

Post your event on our blog

We will include it in our e-newsletter

We will promote it on Twitter

We will promote it on our Facebook page and Group.

Step 7

So you have raised a princely sum. This is why it is really important to get your sponsorship money paid through your JustGiving page, it makes it all very simple however if people still use metal to pay us then we do offer alternative methods of getting the money to us. Find out here

Step 8

Make sure you return everything we sent you including buckets, collection tins and posters. The box it came in will include a return envelope. Please just take this to the post office and pay for the cheapest way of getting the box back to us intact and we don’t think a pigean can carry this!

Step 9

You will recieve a certificate from us in the post for all your hard work once we recieve everything back from you. Well done for your hardwork in advance.


I would like to raise money by buying all our internet purchases through Pumping Marvellous –

That’s an easy one just click this like and start shopping

I think our company could help

Whhoooah ok click here

Could our Companies purchasing power help Heart Failure Patients

Absolutley click here

Donate items for Raffles and Auctions

Tell us what you would like to donate and email your items to

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