For help with Heart Failure call 0800 9788133
For help with Heart Failure call 0800 9788133

Social and welfare factors and Heart Failure

There is an increasing trend in heart failure, mainly due to the aging of the population. However researchers at Western Infirmary in Glasgow have looked at the impact of social and economic deprivation in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure in over 2,000 people taking part in a health project.

The researchers found that the incidence of heart failure increases significantly with increasing social deprivation. Those patients falling into the social deprivation category were 44%  more likely to develop heart failure than more affluent patients. And those in the deprived groups had 23%  fewer follow up visits each year with their general practitioner. However, prescribed treatment did not differ with social or economic status. More needs to be learned  about why socioeconomic factors influence heart failure, so that outcomes for all can be improved.

We are glad that there is now evidence which needs to be put to clinicians that socioeconomic factors do have a dramatic effect on Heart Failure outcomes.

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