Get into the Rhythm of Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Pumping Marvellous

and Northern Dragons

Come and join Boris our exercise guru at Northern Dragons and have some fun whilst keeping the old blood pumping around the body. Tai Chi and QI Gong is highly recommended by Cardiologists as a long term way of keeping active and Pumping Marvellous and Northern Dragons have developed a special programme designed for Heart Failure patients. We will be holding our first session at 11.30am on Tuesday 21st February 2012 and every Tuesday thereafter.


So here’s the DEAL as we know everybody is looking for a DEAL at the moment.
The first five lessons are going to cost you only £10 amazing value extravaganza, how do they do it I here you say?!!
Northern Dragons everyday price for 1 hours worth of Tai Chi is £5. So to get you into the Rhythm of our programme Pumping Marvellous will pay 50% of your 2,3,4 &5 lessons and Northern Dragons have also thrown your first lesson in for free so that’s £10 for 5 lessons which is a real bargain. If you want to join our programme then you need to be a Heart Failure patient or a carer of a Heart Failure patient so now both of you can come along and Tai Chi & QI Gong together. If you want to come along and try your hand and legs at this ancient art which is highly recommended for Heart patients then you need to book in with either Jackie at the Heart Failure Nursing Team at the office in Accrington Victoria Hospital on 01254 358994 or email . Please be advised that we think this will be very popular and we have taken some advanced bookings already. If we find that the programme proves to be oversubscribed then we will run another session to accommodate the demand and another and another if we need to.
Tai Chi and Heart FailureTai Chi and Heart Failure


Northern Dragons Accrington, LancashireNorthern Dragons Accrington, Lancashire

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