Andy Evans
Trustee - Chair

A little about me

Chair, Trustee

  • If you had a tip for a person with Heart Failure what would it be? – Find a buddy to work with
  • Tell us something different about yourself? – That is for someone else to recognise
  • What your biggest achievement in life? – Reaching 71!
  • Which do you prefer Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? – Tea
  • How would people describe you? – Enthusiastic
  • What’s your perfect occupation? –  Always working for myself
  • What’s number one on your bucket list? – A bungalow with a large garden and space to store our touring caravan
  • What’s your favourite phrase and who was it by and why is it important to you? – “How can you discover new lands if you always swim close to the shore” – Anon – Change is inevitable, it happens  so quickly so you need to explore how it can benefit you rather than negatively resist it
  • Who’s the most inspiring person in history and why – Nelson Mandela – He used personal negative experience as a way of making massive positive change for a nation 
  • Which song uplifts you the most? – Calon Lan
  • If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? – John Lennon being alive
  • What’s the biggest world event in your lifetime? – 9/11