Pumping Marvellous Foundation
Patient Educator
Patient Educator - Bronze Level
Heart Failure Patient

A little about me


  • If you had a tip for a person with Heart Failure what would it be? – You may need to learn to put yourself first on occasions
  • Tell us something different about yourself? – I once broke into the Sydney opera house to take a selfie
  • What your biggest achievement in life? –  Becoming qualified in my chosen profession
  • Which do you prefer Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? – I love Tea
  • How would people describe you? – Nuts, funny, deep, honest.
  • What’s your perfect occupation? –  England cricket commentator
  • What’s number one on your bucket list? – To watch the England cricket team in a tour of the Caribbean
  • What’s your favourite phrase and who was it by and why is it important to you? – Not really a phrase, but the Winston Churchill speech, we will fight on the beaches inspires me to fight on
  • Who’s the most inspiring person in history and why – Winston Churchill, the greatest ever Briton, never gave up
  • What song uplifts you the most? – Unable to answer. I use music to feel melancholic, I little odd I know
  • If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? –  I would remove all religion from the world as if it never existed.
  • What’s the biggest world event in your lifetime? – 9/11