Family Member, Stoke

My Dad has been diagnosed with heart failure and we’ve been given your Big Pocket Guide to Heart Failure (which is excellent!).

Heart Failure Patient, London

I am newly diagnosed with heart failure (AF and damage) and was given a booklet from Pumping Marvellous in hospital, where I am currently and awaiting discharge in two days. […]

Bereaved family member, Herts

As a family, we had little knowledge of heart failure and felt this was the case generally. I think it is brilliant that you are trying to make people more […]

Cardiology Nurse, Manchester

The interview went amazingly well. I’m sure it was all the knowledge I gained from your website, so I can only imagine how patients feel when they discover your organisation. […]

Cardiology Nurse, Manchester

I’m a cardiology nurse in acute area and this morning I’m going to interview for a heart failure nurse specialist role within my trust. I’ve been doing weeks and weeks […]

Heart Failure Specialist Nurse, London

I’ve just logged on to your site for the first time and it’s really wonderful! Thank you for supplying the resources detailed in the attached request form. They sound absolutely […]

Julie and Nick

I am running for a great charity which helps people with heart failure. As a heart failure specialist nurse I have had the benefit of seeing the charity in action, […]