The Chilli Challenge

Pumping Mavellous took 5 can’t cook won’t cook men and converted them into budding chefs. Nick and Tricia one of the Heart Stars set the challenge to make a chilli and serve to the people attending the mens health event in Blackburn. The chilli was a vegetable chilli made with Quorn and cost £3.27 to make. Once cooked the chefs made wraps with lettuce, tomato, low fat cheese and sour cream with a ladle of chilli. I think some of the chefs were a bit surprised how good there food was. The food was received with delight by the people at the event.

The challenge comes where they take all the ingredients home and cook it for there family. The family then scores them on taste and presentation and the winning score wins a £30 food voucher with 2nd prize winning £20 and 3rd prize winning £10.

The idea behind the event was to try to show people that cooking is easy and effortless and you can cook on a budget with fresh healthy ingredients with no added salt for just over £4 for a family of 4. The recipe was heart healthy and contained no added salt, very low fat and lots of fresh ingredients.

Heart Healthy Chilli

Budding Chefs cooking Heart Healthy Food

Chilli Challenge Chefs

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