Heart Failure and it’s cost

I thought that I would research the total cost of managing Heart Failure in the UK. According to the British Heart Foundation the overall total direct medical cost of heart failure in the UK each year is currently just over £625 million.

Another frightening statistic is that hospital inpatient care is the biggest single health care cost, accounting for approximately 60% of the total cost of heart failure in the UK which equates to £375 million.

In the US the figure is astronomical. In 2010 the total projected cost of managing Heart Failure in the US is $39.2 billion according to the Centre for Disease Control(CDC).

As Heart Failure patients where permitting, it is is our duty to ensure that we are seen to be trying to do everything we can to help manage our own condidtions. The more you find our about your condition the better you will generally manage it. If you are in tune with your body then managing Heart Failure does get easier.

If we as patients can focus on managing the following variables which we have control over then matters do get easier.

Read up on your condition
Show an interest when you meet your clininician
Embrace regular exercise
Eat a healthy diat
Manage your salt intake to 2g per day
Fluid management
Bring alcohol consumption down
Stop smoking
Look at complimentary therapies
Take your prescribed drugs as instructed
Challenge your clinician if you feel you need to, you will learn more if you challenge.