Tips on boosting your immune system

Healthy Food for Heart Failure
Healthy food for your Immune System

Let’s face it — some people have better immunity than others or do they and if they do how do they achieve it?

It is very important to keep in mind that it’s normal to get a cold or flu in cold and flu season, even if you do everything right to boost your immunity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of catching every virus, you were one of those who avoided most of them? Interestingly, there are factors that may cause some people to have better immunity than others. Here are some tips for a more “immune healthy lifestyle”

  • Get your sleep – 8 hours is optimal
  • Keep your hands clean – use bactericide soap – a lot of cold and flu virus are transmitted by door handles or even lift buttons to name a few
  • Eat healthy foods including lots of fruit, vegeatables, wholgrains and lean protein – also it maybe a good idea to top up with a multi vitamin
  • Regular exercise, doesn’t need to be a lot but just regular every week
  • Manage your stress and deal with situations if you can, if not your Carer will help you
  • Be a sociable person and have a positive outlook. People who tend to be gregarious tend to be able to keep their colds at bay

Remember you must always consult your Doctor or Heart Failure Nurse if you are going to take on board new nutritional and exercise based regimes.

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