For those of you that are new to Heart Failure this should be a very important post.

These are my tips for starting off an exercise regime. I must stress that you should discuss this regime with your Consultant, Doctor, Nurse or Physiotherapist.

The guidelines are very simple –


Don’t exercise if you are feeling unwell or are feeling very tired.
Don’t carry on exercising if you feel dizzy or faint.
Don’t continue to exercise if you have any injuries.
Don’t continue to exercise through chest pain– angina is a warning sign – inform your doctor or nurse and take your GTN spray.
Don’t get too short of breath.
Avoid exercising within 3 hours of smoking, 1hr of eating or drinking tea or coffee, or 1hr after a hot bath. However you should not be smoking or drinking!!


Warm up – For 10 – 15 mins. This will raise your heart rate gradually and prevent injuries
Start Gradually – and build up level of activity slowly, if you are not normally very fit or have been unwell it is very important to pace yourself.
Wear suitable clothing – comfortable, loose layers of clothes, which may be removed as you get warm and comfortable, supportive shoes.
Listen to your body – it will tell you if you are doing too much.
Progress by increasing your walking distance or speed slowly, not both at the same time.
Cool down – for 10 minutes to allow your pulse rate and blood pressure to return to normal gradually.
Bring a bottle of water – to keep yourself hydrated when exercising
Exercise with somebody else – it’s more fun and good for motivation.
Don’t exercise if you are feeling unwell or are feeling very tired.