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Top Tips – Reducing Fluid Retention
The top two tips I have are so important, without these the list below is useless – Cut our your Salt (Sodium) and exercise┬áregularly!
Limiting your drinking –
  • use small cups instead of mugs
  • try to spread your daily allowance over the whole day
  • try drinking very cold or very hot fluids – it takes longer
  • if it is very hot or you have a fever or diarrhoea, you should drink an extra 100-300ml

Now for tips when you are thirsty

  • suck on a ice cube
  • limit caffeinated drinks (including coffee, tea and some fizzy drinks)
  • limit alcoholic drinks
  • use lemon and glycerine mouthswab sticks
  • chewing gum or sugar free sweets
  • eat frozen fruits
  • add lemon juice to your tea or mineral water
  • carry around a little spray bottle of water and when you feel thirsty spray into your mouth, small enough for pocket or handbag. For the ladies and for the guys!
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