UK austerity measures have gone too far

We had to put this post up as this will really effect Heart Patients who are receiving Palliative Care. We have not political bias and we are an independent charity that is passionate about delivering awareness and support to future and existing Heart Failure patients. This is an excerpt form the BBC Health website but in the Politics section if you know what we mean, you can read the full article if you click this link

Thousands of terminally-ill people have begun receiving letters warning them their benefits could be cut in April even though Parliament has yet to approve the changes.

Under proposals being scrutinised in the Lords, Contributory Employment Support Allowance (CESA) will be time-limited to 12 months from April 2012. The changes will be retrospective.

So people on CESA for 12 months or more when the rule comes into force will have their benefit cut immediately ” source from the BBC news website.


  1. Why is this happening to the most vulnerable people in society?
  2. Have things got so bad that we are turning back the clock on helping vulnerable people in society. People have no problem with helping terminally ill people in fact they positivley promote this in society however they do have a problem with people hanging out of the ale houses at 11.00am in the morning with a fag and a pint in their hands.
  3. How do you determine how long people are going to live –  Abdelbaset al-Megrahi a case in point
  4. Who is going to manage the emotional fallout or are the powers that be so insensitive
  5. Are the letters that are being sent out by the DWP human rather then the mechanical text that sometimes gets churned out by government agencies – this is a very sensitive subject

If you have any further comments on this then we would like to hear from you as it has churned up some real resentment. You can email Nick our Chairman and Trustee at

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