The Patients Gift to You!

Patients and their carers repeatedly tell us about their marvellous heart failure specialist nurse. Indeed, the All Party Parliamentary Group inquiry into heart failure raised the significant role that is played by the heart failure nurse. At the same time, they acknowledge that there is no national definition of a heart failure specialist nurse, how many nurses there are or where these nurses work, the skills or experience that is required for the role, and just what services teams are offering.

Therefore, the patients gift to you is to fund a UK audit to find out where all the marvellous heart failure nurses are. The patient led heart failure charity the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, is to lead a national audit which will be headed by an expert clinical team of leading clinicians, including heart failure specialist nurses and heart failure cardiologists, along with a patient steering group made up of heart failure patients. The funding for this audit has been acquired from Boston Scientific as an educational grant.

Lynda Blue who sits on our clinical team and was the first heart failure specialist nurse in the UK, says

‘It is important in this economic climate with stretched NHS Services that Heart Failure Nurse Specialists audit their role/service on a regular basis to ensure their roles are both sustained and to support a further business case if additional nurses are required for the service. The audit data collected should be able to demonstrate the positive impact the role has on a HF patient’s journey’

Please find the link below for you to complete the audit, and as an incentive you will be entered into our free prize draw.


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The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and is in an easy click and drop-down style menu.

Make sure you submit your survey as there is no way to save your work. You will receive an email with all the data you have submitted. Very useful as a reference tool going forward and we will be asking you to verify this within the next 12 months so we can keep the data accurate.

Please click on the link and tell us just what a MARVELLOUS team you are 

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“This project has been supported with funding from Boston Scientific.”