Heart Failure Toolkit
Heart Failure Toolkit

Pumping Marvellous has recently just won significant funding for a pilot of its Heart Failure Toolkit that will help Heart Failure patients and their carers and families with managing this long term condition.

If you know what a Bounty Pack is then visualise this as a concept if you don’t put Bounty Pack into Google and you will find out about it. Pumping Marvellous has developed a Heart Failure Toolkit which will help Heart Failure patients along with their carers and families to manage this long term condition.  It is a lifelong toolkit for self-management.

We would like to have your thoughts and have therefore put the project out for consultation. We would like you to tell us what you think should go into this toolkit, what you would expect to see in this toolkit if you were a newly diagnosed patient, a carer or member of the family.

All feedback and recommendations are well received and hopefully we can pull as comprehensive a pack together and make a real difference to patients and the way they manage their Heart Failure in the community.

1,000,000 people in the UK suffer from Heart Failure and over 6,000,000 in the US. You may know one and if you do give some thought to some feedback that could make a real difference.

Contact us via a Facebook post  or email hearts@pumpingmarvellous.org or friend us on twitter @pumpinghearts and send us a DM.


Thanks for considering this, the Trustees.

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