Welcome to Pumping Marvellous.

This is a site run by patients for patients.

The site is designed to help inform and educate those who have Heart Failure, their Carers and anybody who would like a non medical viewpoint of what it is like to live with and manage Heart Failure.

As patients of the East Lancashire Primary Care Trust in the UK we are backed up by a world class group of clinicians ranging from Consultant Cardiologists whose specialism is Heart Failure, experienced nurses who work on the cardiac wards at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, dietitians and physiotherapist who specialise in diet and exercise and finally Angela Graves who is the Heart Failure Nurse Manager and her team of experienced Heart Failure nurses.

You will find our approach and discussions both formal and chatty and we would be really happy to answer any questions you may have. We can’t not help get technical sometimes but there is no other way to describe what we need to communicate to you.

Enjoy the site and start to learn about Heart failure from a different perspective.


Nick Hartshorne-Evans