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We offer support to sufferers of heart failure their carers and family. We support you by talking through problems and by you sharing your challenges, we feel as though we can reduce the burden.


We represent the opinions and needs of heart failure patients across the UK. We give the patient a voice where representation is needed, at the top table. We demonstrate the needs of patients via patients through their experiences.

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We offer patients and families the help on how to self-manage your heart failure through coaching and developing you through the peaks and troughs of managing heart failure.


We work with clinicians and decision-makers as to how the patient voice can improve care to people suffering from heart failure.

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We work with all stakeholders in heart failure to ensure that the patients needs around access to the latest therapies are heard. We work towards universal access of the best drugs and interventions.


Awareness is key to increasing the quality of care for people suffering from heart failure as without awareness then we feel that heart failure doesn’t have the voice its impact warrants.

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