External Defibrillators

Since 2011 The Pumping Marvellous Foundation has been fundraising for “Lay responder” defibrillators called AED’s in schools and public access places along with basic lifesaving skills.

We work with NWAS (North West Ambulance Service) to target areas of high cardiac arrest incidence (hot spots) so we put AED’s where they are needed. We of course get many requests for AED’s that may not historically sit within hotspots but organisations like  schools, parents of children, parents of sports clubs and businesses raise money for an AED to plan for unexpected situations.

As an estimate between approximately 12-16 young people die every week due to cardiac arrests. 80% of these are unknown. It can happen to anybody however fit they may seem.

In the UK approximately 60,000 people have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in the UK every year. Around 30,000 people will be treated by medical services. Anywhere between 2-12% will survive and be discharged from hospital(Source parliamentary education paper BHF). With an accessible AED and the promotion of emergency life support these figures could be vastly improved. CPR alone gives you around a 5% survival rate but couple that with an AED and this figure can go up past 50%.

One of our Trustees sits on the Lancashire Chain of Survival Committee which is driven by the North West Ambulance whose aim is to promote AED’s for placement into communities along with the mapping of all AED’s.

We have 3 aims

  1. Build awareness that to use an AED you do not need any formal training as per the Resus Council Guidelines
  2. To lobby for emergency life support skills to be put on the national curriculum for schools
  3. To mobilise and generate interest in the need for AED’s in the communities we live in


If you wish to raise money for your own AED then the charity offers this package which we feel ticks all the boxes of our aims. All you pay is £1,200.

  1. We will supply a Physio Control Lifepak CR PLUS Defibrillator along with extra adult pads, paediatric pads and a wall bracket
  2. First responder kit including tough cut scissors, rescue mask, protective gloves and a razor
  3. Hand towel if you need to use the AED when a person is wet
  4. We will supply you with an appropriate Risk Assessment form
  5. We will supply an A3 all weather sign to signpost first responders
  6. We will produce a leaflet for you to distribute to any household or business within a 1.5min walking radius of your AED thus making it even more effective
  7. In partnership with NWAS we will complete an AED familiarisation session along with CPR and the recovery position tutoring
  8. We will map your AED to the emergency services so if somebody phones 999 the operator will know where your AED is and tell the caller
  9. We will follow up with you in 12 months to check your state of readiness
  10. After the initial installation we will on request and dependent on availability loan you a  Physio Control Lifepak CR PLUS Defibrillator for 4 weeks to aid familiarisation

If you wish we can source you a cabinet for your AED if you want to create a community defibrillator accessible to all.

We don’t loan or own the AED’s after we donate them to you. They are your machine and the responsibility to check the status of readiness is your responsibility. Saying that you only need to change the batteries occasionally and replace any pads you may have used, we can source these for you from the manufacturer at a reasonable rate. We suggest you check the readiness of the AED when you have your weekly fire alarm test.

We are currently supplying our AED’s for £1200with familiarisation training, distribution leaflets and signage. Unfortunately over the past 24 months we have had to make three price rises in line with the cost of the AED but we still believe even after the price rises we offer extremely good value for money.

If you just require familiarisation training then we can complete this for a donation. People generally donate between £50 – £250 depending on the size of the group to be briefed for a one hour session including CPR and AED instruction.

We hope this clears some of the myths and questions you may have. If you wish to enquire then please contact us here or fill out our application form here.