Living with
heart failure

Learning to live with an inefficient heart – Unlocking your potential!

Learning to live with an inefficient heart is a life long learning process. Taking everything into account requires determination and attitude. We have highlighted some of the basic concepts of self-managing your life with an inefficient heart in this SECTION HERE where you are learning to manage things that you understand.

So let’s have a look at how to try and get your life back to some form of normality as that is what most patients and carers of those patients want.

Listen to some of our patient educators below; their stories of how they overcame their demons to effectively self manage their conditions. Before you start these videos, they may pull on your emotions, and they did with all of us, but we hope you will pick something new out of the moment. Realise that if you pull pieces of knowledge from lot’s of different areas then eventually your jigsaw will be complete or nearly anyway.

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Living with Heart Failure

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Sarah - Living with heart failure

What's it like living with heart failure?

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