Where it all began in 2010

Heart Failure Chairty Winners
Heart Failure Chairty Winners

A need for Pumping Marvellous was identified by heart failure patient Nick Hartshorne-Evans in February 2010 to quickly address support and care of a non clinical nature after initial diagnosis for heart failure patients in the East Lancs area.

As of yet we have not found any support function like Pumping Marvellous outside the clinical element of treatment for Heart Failure. There seems to be support functions for cardio care and education in general and for heart attacks but not for the broad range of clinical conditions that sit under the umbrella of heart failure.

As you may be aware there are various levels of “heart failure” but what every patient needs who has a lifelong chronic condition is support and a friendly arm. However its effectiveness goes deeper than that as Pumping Marvellous is designed to create expert patients and if the patient is either too unwell or in denial then it will create expert carers. It will achieve this through its website, blog forums, webinars and most importantly patient participation.

We will aim for Pumping Marvellous to be a staple part of every heart failure patients extra curricula care in the East Lancs area by the start of January 2012. Already Pumping Marvellous since its birth in July 2010 has over 200 articles on the blog that are designed to inform and help both patients and carers. This number is being added to every week therefore it is up to date, relevant and pertinent to the patient’s condition. It is a wealth of resource for heart failure patients to challenge their current situation creating positive situational outcomes and wellbeing.

It has allowed the founder of Pumping Marvellous to manage his condition.

Pumping Marvellous also launched its new site Pumpingmarvellous.org which moves away from the Patient Blog site. Therefore we are represented 2 times on the web. Pumpingmarvellous.com which is our patient blog and Pumpingmarvellous.org which is a more informative site around Heart Failure and Heart Health.

Patients of the East Lancashire Primary Care Trust also regularly input into Pumping Marvellous so it should give you a relaxed and informative read.

Although we work alongside and help patients who are being cared for by the NHS East Lancashire Hospital Trust and occasionaly ask their opinion on our work they have no liability as to the information that is posted on this website and that includes any comments by clinical staff as well. The posts and commentary are our opinions and we have the final say as to whether articles are published or not. You must always consult your clinician before you alter your treatment.

Our current Board of Trustees

Nick Hartshorne-Evans

Natasha Hanson

Mark Hargreaves

Jonathan Evans

Andrew Evans

Caroline Terry

Our Current Writers and guest bloggers

Nick Hartshorne-Evans (Editor)

Andy Evans (Sub Editor)

Beth Baron – Cardiac Practioner

Kate Reid – Health Improvement Specialist

Angela Graves – Heart Failure Nurse

AF Association

Northerm Dragons – Tai Chi

We have no affliation with any NHS Trust and the views and opinions are of the writers and Pumping Marvellous.

Registered Charity No 1145140

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