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Why do doctors feel the ankle of their heart patient

This is a topic that is highly searched through search engines so from a heart failure perspective I will explain in the simple language of “patient speak”. I would like to make you aware that their are other diagnosis conclusions but I am just coming from the Heart Failure perspective.

Fluid accumulation can cause an oedema and in Heart Failure patients the most common and noticeable area that swelling manifests itself is on the ankles and legs and sometimes the abdomen. The accumulation occurs because your left ventricle is not pumping as well as it should be and therefore due to the heart being the engine room of the body it struggles to get rid of fluid therefore it accumulates. If you have Heart Failure then you should really be restricting your fluid intake to 1.5-2 litres per day. You will probably be on diuretics if you have Heart Failure and these enable the Kidneys to get more fluid out of your system as urine. Examples of Diuretics can be found in our medicine / drug section.

It is also very important to reduce your salt content to no more than 2grams of salt a day, in other words no more than a teaspoon. We understand this is very difficult but you can go a long way to reducing it by not putting salt in your cooking or on the table and also not eating ready prepared meals. You will get use to it, try spicing your food?

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