World Heart Failure Day Announced for the 6th May 2011

This year World Heart Failure day is inked in for Friday 6th May 2011. To mark this day Pumping Marvellous has organised with NHS East Lancashire and the British Heart Foundation a full day of awareness for Heart Failure

Royal Blackburn Echo
Royal Blackburn Echo

and raising some badly needed money for the new 3D Echo Cardiogram for the Royal Blackburn Hospital. The BHF have been tasked with raising a lions share of money for the new 3D Echo for the Cardiology Department of the Royal Blackburn Hospital.


The event will be held on the 6th May2011 at the Asda store in Accrington. There will be people representing Pumping Marvellous, the British Heart Foundation, NHS East Lancashire Heart Failure Nursing Team, NHS East Lancashire PALS and the Healthy Lifestyle Team. We will be there from 10am in the morning until around 6/7pm. Our education stand will be raising awareness of Heart Failure to the general public in East Lancashire and talking through the condition and the support available to people. We will also be raising the profile of the 3D Echo machine and what it will give the people of ¬†East Lancashire. The teams will also be testing there skills as expert bag packers for Asda’s customers whilst raising funds for the 3D Echo appeal.

A local appeal delivered by local people.

Please come down and support us or just give us a wave whilst you are doing your shopping.

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