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What is heart failure? | Pumping Marvellous

Heart Failure

Understanding the different types of heart failure may help you to better manage your condition.

Newly Diagnosed | Pumping Marvellous

Newly Diagnosed?

We’ve been there. Tips and insights from people who have been there.

Trust Your Instincts | Pumping Marvellous

Trust Your Instincts

One of our patient’s perspectives on their life living with heart failure, a must read.


Pioneering webinars for people living with heart failure. Moderated and safe.

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Video Stories

Stories to help with why? Listen to our patient experts on how they live better with their heart failure along with specialists and their tips.

Monitoring your

NYHA Scale

Living with Heart Failure

Types of heart failure | Pumping Marvellous

Types of Heart Failure

Hint, there’s more than one. In fact, there is more than two, let us tell you about them.

Medication in Heart Failure | Pumping Marvellous

Medications in Heart Failure

Too important for a short sentence. Learn about the various medications that should form the cornerstone of your treatment.

Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure | Pumping Marvellous

Iron Deficiency In Heart Failure

Could you be iron deficient. Recent studies and real-world data has indicated that maybe 50% of people with heart failure may have iron deficiency.

Heart Failure

Guide to Heart

Cardiac Devices

VAD | Pumping Marvellous


Complex devices that are used to assist the heart.

Transplant | Pumping Marvellous


A patient view on transplant.

Innovation in heart failure | Pumping Marvellous

What’s new in Heart Failure

Innovation gives us hope, progression leads to better care and treatments, see what’s new.